Chapter Six

Matt wrenches the wig from my hands and shoves it back on my bald head, “Ow, Matty what the hell?” I shout, staggering back from him. He stares at me in silence. “What? You think if you don’t see the bald head, the bald head doesn’t exist? This isn’t a tree falling in a forest, … Continue reading Chapter Six

Chapter Five

I look at the wig in my hands. The hair is the color of my own, rich brown locks perfectly cut and styled. It is the perfect executive hair cut, if I ever saw one. And the thought unleashes a bubble of laughter from my throat. I got back last night from three days in … Continue reading Chapter Five

Chapter One

Wednesday Chapter One The wind batters my jeep, causing me to wonder if Mother Nature has the same concerns with my direction as I do. It’s been two years since I’ve been back to Aberdeen, the small town where I grew up. Seven hours north of Calgary, Aberdeen barely registers on a map. They say … Continue reading Chapter One