Chapter Six

Matt wrenches the wig from my hands and shoves it back on my bald head, “Ow, Matty what the hell?” I shout, staggering back from him. He stares at me in silence. “What? You think if you don’t see the bald head, the bald head doesn’t exist? This isn’t a tree falling in a forest, … Continue reading Chapter Six

Chapter Five

I look at the wig in my hands. The hair is the color of my own, rich brown locks perfectly cut and styled. It is the perfect executive hair cut, if I ever saw one. And the thought unleashes a bubble of laughter from my throat. I got back last night from three days in … Continue reading Chapter Five

Chapter Three

Under the streetlight in front of the Aberdeen Hotel is someone I’m not ready to see. The inevitability of this moment tugged at my consciousness that whole seven hours on the road. I walked through it in my mind, the words I would say, the expressions that I would allow to cross my face, and … Continue reading Chapter Three

Chapter Two – Part Two

Two years ago I arrived in Aberdeen twelve hours after I got off the phone with Matt. I had left the office shortly after my conversation with Lauren, having delegated the most pressing tasks to my team. I took Maggie, my nine-year old giant schnauzer, to the kennel, threw clothes in a bag, and hopped … Continue reading Chapter Two – Part Two

Chapter One

Wednesday Chapter One The wind batters my jeep, causing me to wonder if Mother Nature has the same concerns with my direction as I do. It’s been two years since I’ve been back to Aberdeen, the small town where I grew up. Seven hours north of Calgary, Aberdeen barely registers on a map. They say … Continue reading Chapter One